Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sharing the Fire of storytelling at the New England Storytelling Conference

The League for the Advancement for New England Storytelling grew from the storytelling conference, Sharing the Fire.  And that is what happens - the fire of storytelling is shared.  This year was the third year in Rhode Island and next year will be moving to Albany, New York.  Although I was there in the mode of photographer, and as such was not really able to participate fully in any workshops, what I saw was great.  Participants were filled with enthusiasm and the presenters certainly had fire in their bellies.

The keynote was Odds Bodkin who is always great to see and the conference was graced by Jay O'Callahan, Michael Parent and Bill Harley who did lunch time discussion groups - a great way to glean from true masters whilst being able to eat!  The choices of workshops was wide, varied and plentiful.  Over the entire weekend a total of 32 workshops were offered, a panel discussion, two lunchtime q & a sessions, and opportunities to be coached.  A shopping 'market' or maybe bizarre was created where you could buy jewelry, clothes, musical instruments, books, CDs and meet with other like-minded people.

As testified at the end of the weekend by many of the new comers to Sharing the Fire, many folks left with new friends, new experiences, new skills, new stories and new memories.  I am really looking forward to next year's New England storytelling conference in Albany, NY.

My thanks go to all those who helped make the event the wonderful experience it was, those who patted me on the back when the day was feeling really long and to those who reminded me what a wonderful community we have.

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Tim said...

is there one takeaway or one "a ha" moment from the conference that you can share with us?

I love attending conferences-- someday I'll make it out to Sharing the Fire. (If only it weren't 2000 miles away!)