Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New CD coming close to being done

I am thrilled! The other day Greg, Rick and myself went into the studio to record the final piece of music for the CD. Steve G had come down with the flu, which hit him hard the day we went to record. Well, today I got into the studio to see what Steve had done and put all the finishing touches on the recording. Steve G and Stevens B had laid down some more acoustic music and Steve G had put down some electric. It is wonderful! Stevens and myself went through the whole CD looking for errors, cleaning up breaks between the tales, and all that sorts of stuff and I have a full 'clean' copy in my hand. I will running upstairs any moment now to listen to carefully to make sure it is good to go; the excitement is running high. I sent an email to Rob to ask about the artwork, but it seems like many of the great classic rock albums whose artwork was done by the legendary company Hypnosis, the release will be held up because of the art! But I know it will be worth the wait.