Thursday, November 03, 2011

Simon Brooks, storyteller does it again! This time he gets GOLD!

I am thrilled and honoured and humbled that I have been given the Gold Award by Parent's Choice for my third CD, A Tangle of Tales.  This, I feel is really my best recording to date, and a lot has to do with the help I had along the way - Rob Brookes, Steve Glazer, Rick Barrows, Rachel Clark and Stevens Blanchard, all who contributed greatly to this recording.  The music, which I feel surpasses the music on my other CDs, was written by Rachel who plays along with Steve, Rick and myself.  And Mr. Blanchard did a brilliant job putting it all together and making it sound as good as it does.  Rob did the amazing artwork for all three of my CDs.  To read the Parent's Choice review, please go to: You can hear samples of those stories on CDBaby where you can purchase it, and you can stream one of the stories from the CD and others from my website, under Free Stuff at: Thanks, of course, also goes to the all the families, including my own, of those involved in making the CD. Thanks!