Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artwork done!

Artwork for new cd: A Tangle of Tales.
CD by Simon Brooks
Artwork by Rob Brookes (c) 2011

So for those who might have seen something like this two days ago, this is now the finished artwork! And Rob Brookes, once again did a bang up (really, really good) job!

And what, I hear you ask, are the stories?  Well I will tell you the title of one - The Fly!  See it there?

I am hoping to be able to 'release' A Tangle of Tales at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival in New London CT on the weekend of April 29th.  It is going to be a great weekend filled with wonderful tellers.  There is a family concert on the Friday, but the rest is going to be for grown ups!  There are also a few workshops.  So if you think you might like to hear me tell grown up stories for a change, try to make the trip, and feast, not only on me, but also the likes of Tim Tingle, Simon Brooks, Tom Lee, Sanju Sathish, Nancy Tucker and Keith Munslow, Tom Callinan, Simon Brooks, Megan Hicks, Jennifer Munro, Teresa Whitaker & Frank Schwartz, Carol Birch, Tom Callinan, Simon Brooks, Sara deBeer, Connie Rockman and Elllie Toy, me (!!) and many more!

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