Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music for CD Three

Stevens and Simon
Well, the Latham Layabouts got together another time.  And then last night Rick, Rachel, Steve and I went into the studio with Stevens Blanchard in Fairlee, Vermont to lay down the tracks for the music for the CD.  We have been very fortunate in getting Rachel Clark involved as she has added, with her own tunes, a new dimension to the CD collection.  Maybe a few people who already know the story of the Cow and the Piper, or the Piper's Revenge will get the pun in the title of the music 'Cold Snap'!  So now you know one of the stories that will be on the CD, but the rest, for now, will be kept secret!

Stevens keeping an eye on us all!
We got to the studio at around 7 pm and set up, taking a few shots at the tunes to warm up.  It sounded pretty good when we practiced at Latham Library, but at the sound studio in Fairlee it was brought up a notch at least.  The music was recorded 'live' with two mics in the room.  This is similar to how we have done it before, but this time we did not mic up each instrument, sticking with two room mics.  We did a few takes until we were all happy with how each track sounded and Stevens played a little with the sounds - a bit of post-production.  It sounds great and I am very excited about what we have.  Two pieces of Rachel's music will be featured on the CD: The Waltz at the Edge of the World and Cold Snap.  Eventually both pieces will be on both my website and Rachel's website and of course on the CD.

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