Sunday, December 13, 2015

Say What?! - Stairway to Heaven

When I was at the dump yesterday I looked through the collection of books looking for a new home. One that was there was 'The Boy's King Arthur' by Sidney Lanier, illustrated by the great and wonderful N.C. Wyeth. And inside I found a perfect Say What? Enjoy!

Apologies to Arthur Scribner's Son, Sidney Lanier and N.C. Wyeth.
Original caption "King Mark slew the noble knight Sir Tristan as he sat harping before his lady le Belle Isolde". Nothing to do with playing the classics in a guitar store!

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Danielle Schulman said...

"No Stairway? Denied!"

Bruce Marcus said...

What I want to know is: Was there an after-picture - an illustration of this cozy scene AFTER the axe came down? I'd like to see THAT caption!

Simon Brooks said...

I think it would be a thought bubble from Isolde, saying: "I warned you!"