Thursday, August 21, 2008

CAMP! and CD Release Party

What is CAMP! I hear you ask? It is a summer camp for Vermont children of migratory workers. It has been in its present form for 18 years, I believe, and was doing business in another form for three years prior to that. Some of the councilors have been working there for 18 years, and many of the others have been coming back year after year - sucked into the love of the place and the children who attend. It is a great place and I volunteer to go there mid-week and tell stories. It turns out I have been going for 4 or 5 years (I have so much fun I forget!) and I love it. Last night was the day for 2008 and after Steve Glazer, Duncan McDougall and myself told stories to the entire camp, we split into three groups and I was taken with the oldest group up on top of a hill with a wonderful fire pit and told tales into the darkness. Duncan takes the youngest kids and Steve took the middle group. The kids always want more and more and if it were not for the other younger kids being in bed already and the councilors not wanting to disturb them with screams in the night I would have gone on for another hour. These kids, many very underprivileged, are so welcoming and eager, and quiet often better behaved then kids from affluent families. It is an honour to to tell stories to these faces year after year.

Today is the last day Aidan and I have to play together all day as he is off to school next week. This is our last summer 'Daddy - Aidan day", just the two of us, as Perry is in daycare, so I need to be brief. Tonight is the CD release party for "More Second-hand Tales" and I have everything ready. I have a bag of stories to take with me as I am not 100% sure which tales I will tell. There will be two from the new CD but I will throw in some other new stories, or some old faves, not sure yet.

Anyway, it has been a while since I posted anything and I am pretty excited about tonight, and am still buzzing after last night, so had to say something!

Remember to find your tales that excite you and share them - there is a world of stories out there for your making.



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