Monday, July 07, 2008

I do not usually put up personal photos, but I really liked these two taken on the 28th June of me and some of my family at my sister's wedding. In the photograph on the left, there is (from left to right) me, Victoria, her husband Paddy, my youngest brother Jeremy and my younger brother Colin (the one making the strangest face of all us boys).

The wedding was wonderful, my sister looked divine, Paddy did the best speech I have heard (and as someone who used to photograph weddings, I have been to over 300, I think I qualify to say that) at a wedding and I got to see a lot of my family for a BIG party. The only story I could share is that my brother Colin's cilt (Welsh spelling) flew up at one point - why and how and what he was wearing underneath I shall never reveal. My son was also wearing a cilt at the wedding and was part of the groom's party and my wife looked stunning in the dress she wore.

We visited a number of castles and abbeys and I ate as many vegetarian Cornish pasties as I could get my hands on. My son learned a lot about the English Civil war and I got a refresher course! Of the whole 16 day trip I think my one of my favourite photographs is this one of me and my daughter Perry. For a such a long trip away from home, she did great. At the wedding she was part of the bridal group complete with butterfly/faerie wand and wings (you can just make the wings out).

We all had a great time away and had the best weather over there. I came home to hear that my CDs are in transit and on their way to me, and I should also have a new drum in the next day or two.

Whilst staying in the UK, my mother's partner Peter made some very nice sticks/tippers/beaters for me out of ebony, oak and some unknown wood that I shall ask my father in law about - he really knows his wood. I am very much looking forward to using them on the new drum. I have used two of the new sticks on my current drum, but the other sticks are in the case that British Airways put on a different flight to us. I should have those tippers in a day or so, along with the rest of our belongings, when it is delivered.

So, stay tuned for the CD release party where a new drum, some new stories and fancy tippers will be, along, I hope, with an amazing cake!

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