Thursday, July 06, 2017

4th July

The day was planned to be uneventful. Start with a walk, chill out with my son, maybe take in some fireworks, or watch a very American movie or two!
The day began with the walk.
About a year ago I found this truck door on a trail with what I thought were flames painted on the side. You could barely make out the markings. Then sharing the trail with another dog walker, they mentioned the old Coke truck door. So I returned to find it again. Sure enough, what I had at first thought of as flames, I realized was hand painted lettering.
Maybe you can see where I went wrong?

I think it was the yellow that throw me. Moe told me she knew the first time we saw it, but I am not sure!

We did take in a movie - Stripes. It seemed appropriate, sort of!
Then a friend of my son's got into a little bit of bother so we  joined him for moral support and got to see some pretty cool fireworks at Elkins Beach, NH.

Red, white and blue. Which of course could also be for the UK and France, Australia, Costa Rica, Cambodia, and Cuba, Serbia and Thailand!

Belated Happy Fourth from the Brit in the USA.


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