Monday, May 02, 2016

Stories in Nature

When I was a kid having a fertile imagination sometimes got me into trouble. But it has kept my mind looking at things differently. It is odd when a thought pops into your head and you wonder if you're the only one who sees things like this. An idea for a band name popped into my mind the other day and my darling cousin thought I had lost my marbles!

If you follow me on facebook ( you may have seen what might be turning into a larger project, or maybe a new story! In case you do not follow me on facebook, here are a few of my musings - stories in nature.

As she made her way through the trees, she could feel the invisible, gossamer spider webs brush against her face and hair. She knew from this no one had passed through here so far that day. Raising her hand, twitching her fingers, and saying some unintelligible words, the spiders set to and repaired the damage she had done. It was a long shot, but there was a legend of a woman, one of the great elders, who lived in a small stone house in the forest. This woman was supposed to be the wisest of the wise, but it was a long shot. If she found the house and the woman, it was likely she was close to 90 years of age. She wondered how anyone could live alone in the forest and survive to that age. It was then she found what she was looking for. The stone house beneath a tree. But the door was collapsed.

When it landed, the huge talons grabbed the rock as if to turn it to dust. Instead it stood there towering over everyone gathered between the trees instilling fear and awe.

And here's a new one not yet on FB! Yes, we all know what they are, but...

The rumbling passed. Silence filled the forest. He sat leaning against the tree trying not to breathe in case whatever had just made its way by the man, did not hear him and return. He felt as if his body was about to pour out of itself, and if he died then and there, anyone who found him, would find some fish egg mess next to the tree and not even his bones would be left solid. He listened until even the distance crashing had vanished into the air. Then just before him, not three feet away, something, or four somethings, pressed up through the forest floor. As they broke through the earth, and shook off the needles and leaves, he saw three fuzzy green creatures. Their heads were curled over and their eyes appeared to be in the center of the curl, on either side of the head. They opened slowly and blinked. The man stayed motionless. They turned and twisted slowly around as if they too were making sure the coast was clear, or at least the forest was free of monsters. With a popping sound the furry green somethings jumped from the leaf litter, not seeing the man so close to them and lit off. This was the strangest day the man had ever had.

What do you see in the woods or on the street? What lurks hidden from all but you?


Words and photographs are copyright, Simon Brooks 2016 - Do not copy, right click and save, redistribute - it's against the law and uncool!

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